Showcasing Artwork By:

Alina T. Allen

    About Me

    My Background


    Art has always been an important part of my life.  I was the child that would create things non stop and the same is evident in my Adulthood. No matter what profession I was in Art always surfaced in some way. 

    My Medium


    I'm a mixed medium artist! I mainly use oil and acrylic paints on handmade wood canvases! My prints are on archival paper. Lately I've been drawn to incorporate other objects on my pieces just to add more texture and depth.

    My Inspiration


    My inspiration comes from spiritual connection to The Creator, Nature, and my ancestors. The trees, wind, water, animals and humans inspire my creations. Tragic stories that happen to my ancestors make me want to pay homage to them in a beautiful light!  I feel obligated to share beautiful stories through my art!